Three Steps to Becoming a Best-Selling Author

What you see is not necessarily what you get . . .

Not all “best-selling books” are the real deal. Some authors use all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to create the illusion that their book was a sought-after bestseller. When in reality, it spiked just long enough to get “best-selling” status because they tried to game the system. 

And you could say their ruse worked temporarily.  But ultimately their poorly-crafted books plummet back to the bottom, where they actually belonged the whole time.

Don’t misunderstand . . . a true best-seller carries a lot of weight. It can help you land podcasts, speak on big-time stages, and become a true authority in your industry. But cheating is not the way to get there . . .

The good news is it’s 100% possible to write a REAL best-seller without lies, tricks or scamming anyone . . . 

And you can do it with this proven three-step process that reveals the best way to leverage your expertise so you can launch a $100,000+ book AND build your authority at the same time. 

Let’s dive in . . .

The Key Components to Becoming a Best-Selling Author

The good news is there aren’t a lot of steps to becoming a best-selling author . . . only three! But those three are critical to success. Here they are:

  1. A story that aligns with what the market is already seeking
  2. Extraordinary, ground-breaking content
  3. High-quality publishing

Let’s focus on each one individually . . .

A Story that Aligns with What the Market is Already Seeking

There are enormous benefits that come from having your own book. You can gain instant authority, scale your business quickly, build a legacy, and so much more.  

But the last thing you want is to waste two years of your life on a book that nobody buys

Which is why we take the complete opposite approach to traditional publishing at Beverly Hills Publishing. We start with marketing in mind. Because your book won’t do you any good if it sits unsold on a virtual bookshelf. So we conduct extensive market research before your book is written to find out what your audience actually wants to read. 

You must meet your market where they already are mentally. So you need to know what story aligns with your audience’s desires. That way, you can produce amazing content they are already hungry for. 

Extraordinary, Ground-Breaking Content

We’ve seen it time and time again. There are thought leaders in every industry who have lives riddled with amazing experiences and rare talents. Once they share their unique message and content with the world, their business takes off. 

They step into their star power and grab center stage by becoming the best-selling author they’ve dreamed of. Because a well-crafted (and expertly-marketed) book is the quickest, most effective way to establish yourself as the go-to leader in your industry.  

So how do you create that extraordinary, ground-breaking content? It’s simple . . .

You leverage your experience and expertise to create an innovative book that will have a real impact on your industry. But here’s a caveat . . .

Don’t think just because you have the research and content that you can skip out on the high-quality end of publishing . . .

High-Quality Publishing

Having an experienced, premium publishing team in your corner during this process, takes the writing, the selling, and the marketing of your book off your plate. Because high-quality publishers have a systematic strategy in place to help thought leaders create genuine best-sellers in order to: 

  • Establish their authority
  • Create a legacy
  • Start an international movement
  • Scale their business

With a vetted publishing company on your side, you don’t have to do it alone. 

A high-quality publishing company will allow you to invest in editing, design, and marketing to elevate your book to get you credibility and authority you need for the level of success you’re going for. 

There you have it! Those are the three steps to becoming a best-selling author. 

Now What? 

Getting your book published is just a part of the equation. 

What you do after it’s finished is just as important. Once your book is written, we help you achieve celebrity status through speaking engagements, high-level media opportunities, and exposure to millions of raving fans all over the world. And we’ll walk you through the entire process in as little as 90 days. 

Andréa Albright, CEO of the Beverly Hills Publishing Company has developed a proprietary system with her capable team to assist you called the Authortainer Launch System

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