The THREE Key Components to Becoming a Bestselling Author!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a bestselling author!

You are definitely in good company here!!

Not only is it amazing to know that your story is out there in the world, impacting lives and shaping someone’s future, but adding your name to the bestseller list leads to credibility, recognition, and prestige.

Media opportunities, speaking engagements, scaling your business, consultant offers—it all begins with a bestselling book. That’s why I am so excited to start pulling back the curtain on the publishing market and all those outdated industry secrets with my brand new teaching series on YouTube!

Now, before I reveal all the secrets the publishing industry does not want you to know…let’s first define bestseller status and the three key components all books must have to receive that coveted title!

Did you know that achieving bestseller status actually has nothing to do with how many units you sell throughout the life cycle of your book? Crazy, right?! Bestseller status is actually awarded when you sell anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 books in a short period of time. Authors usually have one week to sell the 5,000-10,000 books necessary to claim the book as a bestseller. Knowing this…it should become much clearer why so many authors fall short of this title. Even if the book and its subject is incredibly compelling – if there is no clear launch marketing plan or targeted audience already engaged…the best book in the world would have issues hitting 10,000 copies sold in one week or less!

And if we cannot rely solely on our amazing books to help us hit bestselling status, what should authors focus on? There are three key components that must be in place if you want to become a bestselling author:

1 – A story that aligns with what the market is already seeking. You would be
surprised at how few authors actually know what their audience is looking for. They work so hard to define their target audience, but then just continue writing their content from their own perspective. Authors must step outside of themselves and truly seek out the content and answers their ideal audiences are seeking. The more your book focuses on unique, meaningful, or new answers and insight into the questions and concerns most pressing to your readers, the greater your chances of a record-breaking first week of sales.

2 –  Extraordinary, ground-breaking content. Your content must be extraordinary. Seems like such a duh moment, right?! But come on—we’ve all read books that seem like cheap imitations of other popular books. So many authors are just trying to ride coattails and piggyback on the success of the true innovators and industry leaders. If you want to be a bestselling author, you absolutely must be a leader. If your content is not extraordinary, then your book will never stand out. You must be willing to disrupt the status quo and say things that no one else is saying. Bestselling books are almost always disruptors. Do not be afraid to take a stand.

3 – High-quality publishing. Are you just self-publishing and taking your book straight to Amazon? Did you put true thought and professional intention into the book design, cover, and description? Have you created and implemented a pre-launch marketing and publicity plan? Bestselling books are about so much more than just the extraordinary content they contain. A raving audience that will rush to buy your book week one is invested in more than just the words on those pages. They are invested in you. Not just what you have to say…but who you are. If you build it, they will not always come. Sometimes they must be led. And that is why those outside details that actually have very little to do with the content of your book are so incredibly important when seeking bestseller recognition.

Ready to learn even more about what it takes to achieve bestseller status? Watch the full teaching video above!

Now before you watch the full video for exact details on what becoming a bestselling author actually means, how to get there and why so few authors actually reach that status – a quick warning!

This video is not for anyone interested in a quick fix or a scammy way to claim bestselling status. This will require hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Because this is the strategy to real, lasting, and authentic success. If you’re looking for a quick way to shoot up the bestseller list – just stop right here! However, if you want to achieve true, authentic bestselling status- don’t miss this one!

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