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Vijai Aanand

I’ve Saved Over $200,000 Worth Of My Time And Energy

“I’m running 3 companies, and I value my hourly rate at $500 per hour. Before I started working with Beverly Hills Publishing, I was struggling to write my book in my spare time and on the weekends. But Andréa got it done. My book is finished, it’s beautiful, and my dreams have come true.”


Dr. Kristi Vaughn

I had ZERO speaking experience. Now, with my book, 50% of the room said YES!

“When I first hired Beverly Hills Publishing to publish my book, I had zero speaking experience at making an offer from the stage. Thanks to the book and the clarity of the marketing message, 50% of the people in the room said ‘YES’ to work with me.”

Don Williams

My Book Was Done And Published In 90 Days... And I Didn't Have To Write It By Myself!

“Beverly Hills Publishing took my ideas out of my head, made them even better, and then published them in a book that I’m so proud to have my name on. This is my 3rd book, and by far the easiest and best experience I’ve had with publishing.”

Satyen Raja

Beverly Hills Publishing made my dream come true in just 90 days— and with only 10 hours of my time!

“What a blessing to have a partner who truly understands the most valuable thing we have on this planet is our time. I’ve been wanting to share this message in a book for decades. Andréa extracted 40 years of my knowledge, organized my thoughts and turned it into a book in less than 10 hours of my time!”

Lisa Thomas

My Coaching Practice Is Booked Out Over 3 Months In Advance!

“Since publishing with Beverly Hills Publishing, my business has exploded in new directions. I get emails from people telling me my book changed their life. It’s the most rewarding feeling! My coaching practice is now booked out over 3 months in advance, and I’m getting opportunities to speak on stages packed with my ideal, high-level clients. 


Hal Stewart

Andréa Helped Me Create A Movement

“My experience with Beverly Hills Publishing has been nothing short of amazing. I thought I was getting a ghostwriter, but I got so much more than that. I got a ghostwriter. I got a marketer. I got a publicist. I got a friend and a partner.”
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“Andréa Helped Me Create A Movement!”
Hal Stewart
“My Coaching Practice Is Booked Out Over 3 Months In Advance!”
Lisa Thomas

“Beverly Hills Publishing made my dream come true in just 90 days— and with only 10 hours of my time!”
Satyen Raja