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Company Summary

Our company and strategic partners area specific includes each individuals background and their role:

  • Beverly Hills Publishing – Andréa Albright
  • Marvin Epstein
  • Joey Carson
  • Kathi Sharpe
  • Jennifer Schonberger

beverly hills publishing

Andréa Albright is known as a visionary entrepreneur. I have created a disruptive business strategy to revolutionize the publishing industry by giving the power to the author and to allow them to own their own I.P. I have the only publishing and marketing company.As a published author myself, through 2022 I will have published twenty of my own books.My business model to combine marketing and publishing and create a partner relationship with every author so they receive 100% of their book sales and retain the intellectual property. The key being representing them as an authority allows them to become a brand and thus being recognized and in demand and as a “buyer not a seller.” I have now expanded my brand and my team allowing me to create a publishing, marketing, and media company.

Marvin Epstein is the Managing Partner Beverly Hills Publishing Serial entrepreneur. He is a serial entrepreneur. Co-founder of Karma International – an exclusive private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational entrepreneurs both socially & professionally. Founded I.A.T Capital a business work with fellow entrepreneurs in the areas of finance, media, hospitality, health &wellness, and film production. A Ted Talk speaker, author, and philanthropist Initiallyone of my clients publishing his book, Humility Branding. He has the unique ability to create relationship capital with entrepreneurs and C level executives from every field of industry.

Case Study | Don Owens

In addition to his information he now has had one entity purchase 10,000 books specifically for their corporate executives and has raised millions of dollars from investors based on this strategy. His next initiative is to go IPO.

Andréa was able to get Don to be a contributing writing for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Andréa got him a podcast interview.

Joey Carson is the Head of Media Production.

There is a huge demand for content now with so many streaming channels, content sites etc.. it was important that we have someone that was successful in the entertainment pre-streaming that also has a thorough understanding of the current status of the industry. Joey has an accomplished career as an entertainment executive in all phases of production. 25-year veteran of the television industry and considered a pioneer in reality programming and an innovator in digital entertainment.

  • CEO of Bunim/Murray Productions
  • Television credits include a variety of nonfiction programming for MTV, HBO, A&E, FOX, ABC, NBC, Oxygen and the multi Emmy Award-winning documentary “Autism: The Musical.” 
  • Early innovator in mobile programming-2006 he was chosen by the Producers’ Guild of America and The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Digital 50,” new media producers and innovators shaping the future of digital storytelling via broadcast, games, interactive television and mobile content. 
  • Launched Hollywood Interactive Group, Inc., an independent developer of innovative entertainment-themed games and social experiences and was backed by Silicon Valley VC firm Blue Run Ventures.
  • Founding board member and Executive Producer of the ground-breaking company and television show “The World Poker Tour.”

Strategic Media Partners

Kathi Sharpe is recognized as a brand and lifestyle marketing guru who has made a living out of shaping and advising corporations and brands on how to forge their path in the world. As owner of the global brand & marketing agency, THE SHARPE ALLIANCE, her expertise being on the forefront of cultivating brands, businesses, deals, and personalities publishing her own book, Re-Invent Your Life followed by launching her own podcast the Re-Invention Exchange. As one of her guests on her show, co-hosted by Marvin Epstein creating a strategic partnership with her expands our global brand and furthers our media initiative.

Show and Podcast with Andréa

Jennifer Schonberger is a rising star as both a journalist and on camera talent Jennifer worked for such high-quality brands as Motley Fool, Fox Business and most recently Yahoo Finance where she was targeted specifically to launch a media initiative focused on the Crypto and NFT market. She is part of the press that has interviewed the highest government officials, banking, and finance executives as well as numerous highest-ranking politicians including those in the White House. Her ever expanding and diverse network of media relationships in all areas of business including finance have already proved a value by having one of my clients, Paul Fiore, CEO-Next Edge Crypto on air as a subject matter expert.

Yahoo! Finance Interviews

Summary of Value

The value of what we have created combining a publishing, marketing and branding strategy for any author. Some of our clients are interested in turning their book into a movie and we have the resources. With our office/studio we now have direct access and opportunity to shoot all forms of media that include film, television, and other media properties and as well as specific and unique business opportunities. Our next stage is creating different categories of industry that authorities will represent including sports, finance, non-profits, politics, green energy and more.