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Andréa Albright is the Founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing. I am on a mission to create the next movement for authors and revolutionize the publishing industry. My business model is to combine marketing and publishing, and create a partner relationship with every author so they receive 100% of their book sales and retain their intellectual property. The key is representing them as an authority, which allows them to become a brand and thus be recognized and in demand. I have now expanded my brand and my team allowing me to create a publishing, marketing, and media company.

Marvin Epstein is the Managing Partner of Beverly Hills Publishing. He is a serial entrepreneur, the co-founder of Karma International – an exclusive private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational entrepreneurs, both socially and professionally. He also founded I.A.T Capital, working with fellow entrepreneurs in the areas of finance, media, hospitality, health and wellness, and film production. A Ted Talk speaker, author of Humility Branding, and philanthropist, Marvin has the unique ability to create relationship capital with entrepreneurs and C-level executives from every field of industry.

Case Study | Don Owens

Founder and CEO of HNO Green Fuels, Don Owens partnered with Beverly Hills Publishing in 2021 to create his book ‘Burn Fuel Better’. One organization purchased 10,000 of his books specifically for their corporate executives. He has raised millions of dollars from investors based on the strategies in his book. 

Beverly Hills Publishing created opportunities for Don to be featured as a writer in Entrepreneur Magazine and as a guest on the podcast Rise Urban Nation.

Joey Carson is the Head of Media Production. He has an accomplished career as an entertainment executive in all phases of production. He is a 25-year veteran of the television industry and is considered a pioneer in reality programming and an innovator in digital entertainment. He is the CEO of Bunim/Murray Productions; his television credits include a variety of nonfiction programming for MTV, HBO, A&E, FOX, ABC, NBC, Oxygen and the multi Emmy Award-winning documentary “Autism: The Musical.” In 2006 he was chosen by the Producers Guild of America and The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Digital 50,” new media producers and innovators shaping the future of digital storytelling via broadcast, games, interactive television and mobile content. 

Strategic Media Partners

Kathi Sharpe is recognized as a brand and lifestyle marketing guru, who has made a living out of shaping and advising corporations and brands on how to forge their path in the world. She is the Founder, CEO and President of THE SHARPE ALLIANCE, an integrated business & brand building, marketing and promotion company that specializes in sponsorships, strategic alliances, social media, branded entertainment and partnership campaigns. She is the author of the book ‘Reinvent Your Life! What Are You Waiting For?’ and hosts a podcast, ‘The Power of Reinvention’. Our strategic partnership with Kathi expands our global brand and furthers our media initiative.

Show and Podcast with Andréa

Jennifer Schonberger is a rising star as both a journalist and on-camera talent. Jennifer has worked for such high-quality brands as Motley Fool, Fox Business, and most recently Yahoo Finance, where she was targeted specifically to launch a media initiative focused on the Crypto and NFT markets. She has interviewed high-ranking government officials, banking and finance executives, as well as numerous politicians, including those in the White House. Jennifer has featured Beverly Hills Publishing client Paul Fiore, CEO of Next Edge Crypto, on Yahoo Finance Live as a subject matter expert.

Yahoo! Finance Interviews

Summary of Value

Beverly Hills Publishing is always staying ahead of the trends in publishing. We are the cutting edge publisher that is worthy of your Thought Leader book – from writing, to publishing, to marketing and PR, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our clients are interested in turning their book into a movie and we have the resources to make that happen. With our office/studio we have direct access and opportunity to shoot all forms of media that include film, television, and other media properties.

Book publishing, marketing, PR and Hollywood distribution – from Book to Screen for maximum impact.