Next Edge Branding

What’s up, party people? In this article, you are going to learn about next edge branding. Did you know you can play around with your looks and style as part of your branding? And when it ties into the message you are conveying to your audience, that’s how it becomes part of your brand.

Who Am I?

My name is Andréa Albright. I am the CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing. I am an entrepreneur. I’m a visionary and some would call me the next edge branding expert. Actually, let me say that again. And some people would call me the next edge branding authority.

Before I get into next edge branding, I first want to answer the question, “What is branding?”

What Is Branding?

Most people don’t even understand what a brand is at all. They are throwing together their image, their set, their backgrounds, and even the fonts on their websites. And actually, the colors in your design are all part of your branding message, or the lack thereof as well. Additionally, most people don’t even think about the consistency of the brand they are creating either. 

People are throwing together all these mixed, mashed images and messages, and they’re wondering why their brand isn’t making the impact they want it to make. So let’s talk about what is a brand and why you should even care? 

Well, the best definition I have ever heard for, “What is a brand?” is—your brand is the promise you make to your audience. That is a great way to think about your brand. When you have consistency in your message, your colors, and even in the values you are putting out into the world, that can all become a reliable, consistent promise that your audience will come to expect. And in this day and age, building a relationship with your audience is so important. 

We are looking for a connection and people we can build relationships with. We are looking for a brand that can be an asset to the audience. And a brand that builds a relationship with you, your business, and your message.

Now, I want to tell you what I mean by next edge branding. 

What Is Next Edge Branding?

So most people are not even looking at what their brand is relaying or if they even think they’re developing a brand. They aren’t creating the next edge branding. And here’s what I mean by next edge branding. Next edge branding is taking your brand and going where you are on the edge of your comfort zone. Because when you are showing up out of your comfort zone and daring to be something different, that is exciting. 

Why Next Edge Branding Is Important

We like to watch people who are brave, courageous, and testing new things. That’s why we love to watch action movies to see our heroes putting themselves in uncomfortable situations then ultimately rising triumphantly. If they never put themselves out of their comfort zone, there would be no entertainment. There would be no engagement of the audience.

Challenging Yourself

I want to challenge you to take your brand to the next edge. What areas do you think you could go even further? That’s the conversation you want to have with your audience. So, for example, my brand is based on my values. When you interact with me or anything from my business or my message, you are going to see the values I have as a person and as an entrepreneur coming through. 

Personal Style And Branding

My brand values luxury. So my brand is Seven-Star publishing at Beverly Hills Publishing. We are based in Beverly Hills so luxury branding is part of our message. Myself, I value beauty, glamour, and gold. So when you interact with me, my website, and my messages, you’re going to see these things coming through.

I also value fun. I want to engage you with entertaining and educational content. If I’m not having fun, how can I expect you to have fun? That’s why I bring fun to my look and my wardrobe, which, in turn, is part of my brand

It’s all about bringing fun to what you are wearing. Making it part of your personal style and brand. How you style your hair, your makeup, and even the jewelry you wear. It’s all part of your personal expression

This is fun for me and when you are interacting with me you can feel that I value fun. I’m not going to be stuffy or all buttoned-up. I want to be able to be creative and artistically expressed. So that is part of my brand, and that is part of the promise I deliver to my audience.

The Value Of Creating Your Brand

The value of creating a brand is exponential because your audience will now be able to develop a relationship and a connection with you. They will start to see you on deeper and deeper levels, and when you show up consistently, then they will trust you. Every time you secure the promise of your brand, they will see you are a person of integrity and that you are creating value for your audience. 

So if you haven’t thought about your brand and what you are saying, then now is a great time to start. Write down your values. What do you want to stand for? What are your highest visions, purpose, and meaning? What is the message you want to convey?

Final Thoughts…

I hope this article has helped you look at next edge branding on a whole new level because remember, if you aren’t putting yourself out of your comfort zone, then how can you ask anyone else to?

As a visionary entrepreneur, I am here to inspire you. I’m here to uplift you. And I’m also here to show you that everything I am asking you to do, I, myself, am doing it as well. I wanted to write this article to express to you that no matter where you are in the creation of your brand, you can always go further, go to the next edge, keep going. And may you never find the last edge.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you’ve gotten some tips that give you enough inspiration to go deeper into your brand and what you are saying with your branding message. 

What’s Next?

If you’d like to continue this journey with me, make sure you check out my YouTube videos then subscribe to the channel and hit the Like button. I’m always going to be giving you free gifts because I want to lead with abundance. That’s part of my brand promise to you. So just hit the Like button and sign up to receive your free gift. 

Let me know how I can help you. Send me an email, leave me a comment, or reach out to me at Beverly Hills Publishing, and let’s have this conversation together. 

What are you going to do today to start building your next edge brand? I want to hear from you. So be sure to keep following, because this brand is just getting started.

I’ll see you next time. And remember, your gifts are needed. It is time to share your mission, share your purpose, and share your vision with the world through your brand, as well as through your message and how you show up because the world needs your gifts.

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