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Meet the Team

Meet the Founder and CEO!
Andréa Albright is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the publishing industry. She is not just a publisher, she is a Legacy Maker.

Andrea built her foundation in college where she received a bachelor of science in Biology as a pre-med student. Her first twenty books were in health and fitness; using her degree to bolster her reputation and credibility on the subject. Furthermore, she went on to attain a second bachelor of arts in Spanish which helped her to establish her love of language and communication at large. 

Uniquely, Andrea possesses the traits of a whole-brain individual. She is able to think both logically and creatively.

At the age of twenty-six, Andrea knew that she wanted more for herself. She left corporate America to become an entrepreneur and has skyrocketed her career ever since. Throughout the past twenty years, Andrea has been featured in Forbes, writes a regular column for Entrepreneur, and was featured on the cover of Women’s Health and Fitness along with many other notable media outlets. Throughout it all, she always found herself circling back to one thing, and that was books.

Andrea discovered her passion in publishing and has been able to use all of her acquired skills over the years to help other thought leaders like herself create a lasting legacy. Most publishers do not know how to support authors in the PR and marketing sectors; but she has built a unique team at Beverly Hills Publishing™ to accomplish all three at once. People refer to Andrea as the media disruptor because the work she does is more than just publishing; it is the ability to launch brands collectively across all platforms.

At the end of the day, Andrea loves knowing that she is helping the thought leaders of the world to impact their audience and make a difference on humanity. The people who are disrupting the status quo are the key to evolution. At Beverly Hills Publishing™, Andrea and her team give them the fuel that feeds the flame of innovation.

Meet the President!

Kerry Sheppard and Andrea have a long history together in the world of marketing. They worked with one another for nearly three years prior to Andrea starting her own venture through Beverly Hills Publishing. Kerry always knew that she admired Andrea’s drive, passion, and intelligence; it really was an inspiration throughout her own journey.
When the ability to join the team at Beverly Hills publishing presented itself to Kerry, she knew she had to jump at the opportunity. Not only would she be able to have Andrea as an incredible mentor, but she also understood the mission-driven, impact-driven, and visionary clients that Andrea attracts; these being the individuals she could work with directly.
Kerry describes herself as a leader, optimistic, and driven.
As the President of Beverly Hills Publishing, Kerry is an asset to many moving parts within Beverly Hills Publishing. She manages each team; including the interworking of the publishing process, marketing, and pr. Additionally, she works within the sales division at Beverly Hills Publishing to speak with prospective clients and help them achieve their goals. This includes working hand-in-hand through the process together of publishing their book. Kerry truly understands the A to Z of Beverly Hills Publishing and it shines throughout the knowledge and guidance she offers within the company.
The corporate culture at Beverly Hills Publishing is described by Kerry as an all-encompassing excellence. The health of the body, mind, and spirit are highly encouraged and in turn create an incredibly efficient team. When this team comes together, Kerry recognizes that we are able to create magic both in our own lives and the lives of the individuals who have the opportunity to work with Beverly Hills Publishing.
Kailey Ward
Kailey has her background in education where she loved creating an environment that was detail-oriented, organized, and clearly scheduled. Through her connections, she was able to break into the world of assisting c-suite executives and realized all of the assets which she could bring to the table for those individuals.
When Kailey outgrew her position at a law firm in Los Angeles, she began a search for a new company that would align with her passions and goals. After meeting with Andrea and hearing about her personal journey and the work quality that Beverly Hills Publishing strives to produce; she knew that she had found the perfect role. 
Kailey describes herself as dynamic, meticulous, and strategic. 
As the Executive Assistant to Founder and CEO, Andrea Albright, Kailey is the right hand to the interworking of Beverly Hills Publishing at large. She supports the day-to-day operations of Andrea and the team to ensure each client receives the best quality services. Kailey enjoys taking on a variety of tasks in communications, scheduling, media, and beyond.
The Beverly Hills Publishing corporate culture creates passionate and proactive people. This dynamic is one that motivates Kailey to bring her best to work every day; knowing that the team she supports is doing the same for their incredible leader and clientele.
Alexea has a background in Media & Technology with an emphasis on branding. She has pursued this passion for many years now and loves to allow her unique sense of design to shine throughout her work. 
Immediately upon talking with Andrea, Alexea knew that Beverly Hills Publishing was her home and she could do amazing things within the company. She showers Andrea with praise for being not only the best boss but also an incredible mentor and individual.
Alexea describes herself as energetic, goal-oriented, and creative. 
As the Head of Branding and Design at Beverly Hills Publishing, Alexea is tasked with capturing the attention of any given audience by understanding the ins and outs of art and having a strong technique. She is skilled in social media, graphic design, and editing. Additionally, Alexea provides incredible book cover design and branding services to Beverly Hills Publishing clientele.
She feels the team at Beverly Hills Publishing really resonates with her in being full of grace, passion, and high-quality work. Communications are seamless and she describes feeling as though the company runs like a well-oiled machine.
Alexea Abando
Heather Bucciano
Heather has a background in media, being on the radio in New York for twenty-two years. She made the transition quite some time ago from media into the world of digital marketing and live events and never looked back! It is evident Heather brings enthusiasm and joy to all that she does.
Andrea and Heather both worked together at a former company prior to Andrea beginning her journey with Beverly Hills Publishing. She was drawn back to Andrea as the world of publishing truly excites her and Andrea’s passion shines throughout her work.
Heather describes herself as kind, energetic, and responsible. 
As the Client Success and Media Coordinator at Beverly Hills Publishing, Heather plays an integral role in strategic visibility for our clients to present them to the world in a way that elevates their authority and outreach. She implements a media matrix that truly encapsulates all the author has to offer. Since all our marketing is done internally, Heather coordinates press releases perfectly around the publishing of a book launch and pitches to the media soon thereafter. 
Heather thrives in the corporate culture which she describes as excellence at Beverly Hills Publishing. This holds her to a standard in which she is always striving to better herself and those who are working with her, in turn, guaranteeing success for all. 
Jaime has a diverse background in performing arts management and radio broadcasting. She worked in a variety of roles from development to marketing administration; each opportunity teaching her a new set of skills to propel her professional career.
When Jaime had the opportunity to join the team at Beverly Hills Publishing, she knew it was an obvious next step on her path. Jaime feels that the mission of Beverly Hills Publishing truly aligns with her values and she loves helping individuals to create their own legacies. She feels as though she is part of being a dream-maker.
Jaime describes herself as dedicated, genuine, and kind.
As the publishing coordinator at Beverly Hills Publishing, Jaime has the honor of guiding our authors through the entire process of the publishing of their book. From the moment she receives their manuscript to making the monumental publishing date, Jaime finds gratitude and excitement in every step.
Jaime feels that she excels at Beverly Hills Publishing with the corporate culture encompassing that of family amongst the team. She knows that everyone is constantly rooting for and supporting one another and this shines throughout the team’s own success and the success of clientele alike. 
Jaime Renne