Andrea Live On Las Vegas FOX5: Dangers of Skinny Fat

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Size 12… that is what I used to be.

Now, I am a healthy size 2 and I have kept it off for over 10 years.

See how I’ve cut my body fat % in half:

* Of course, these results not typical of everyone who buys our products, individual results will vary based on dedication, body type & more.

Many people are walking around thinking that they are fit and slim.

However, they have high body fat and low muscle tone, which are the same dangers of being obese.

Diabetes, osteoporosis, and a slower metabolism all lead to heart attacks and strokes. It is a very serious condition…

You want to focus on your health and getting off the medications.

Here is my formula for overcoming “skinny fat”.

I have created the “bikini formula” because you can’t hide spanx in a bikini, right?

When a woman is rocking a bikini you know everything looks good. Even skinny women can have cellulite and body fat.

When I get a woman fit and healthy, I say focus on doing butt exercises. Believe it or not when you get a great butt, your whole body is going to have a higher metabolism. It is one of the largest muscle groups in the body.

We focus on the butt and everything looks better. Your abs get tighter, your upper body gets leaner, it is amazing.

You want to spike your heart rate and then slow it down like in intervals instead of just hours and hours of cardio.

You have to be kindgentle, and nourishing to your body.

When a woman says, “I love my body”, it is a gift.

Instead of focusing on diets and starvation, you are actually saying, “I am going to give my body the gift of health.”

You will be rocking that bikini because inner confidence starts from inside.

For more tips on being healthy, please click here.


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