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Who Am I?

My name is Andréa Albright. I am the CEO and founder of Beverly Hills Publishing. I’m also a multiple serial entrepreneur. I have started and ran many companies over the past 16 years. So in this article, I am going to give you the true secrets to making more money. 

But first, you need to understand that if you are not making the kind of money you want to make, that’s your responsibility alone. I am a 100% self-made entrepreneur. That means I didn’t come from a wealthy family. No one has given me any funds, resources, or donations. And everything I have created, I have created on my own merit. It really was a big switch when I started to think about money in a different way. And that’s the approach I want to share with you in this article. 

The Right Way to Think About Money

When most people start thinking they want to make more money, they think about how they can get more of it. However, the right way to make more money is to ask yourself “How can I create more value?”


Because creating value is your given ability to make someone’s life better and to improve their quality of life. When you do this, things will be easier for you and you’ll reach your goals faster

Developing a Value Mindset

My favorite type of creating value is bringing people’s awareness to higher levels by providing intelligence through education and information. I’m going to be sharing more about information products and how you can create value by educating and serving in a moment. But in this article specifically, you first need to get this mindset shift.

It’s not about making money. It is about creating value. So start to think about what you can give to an audience, to humanity, to a market? Where are they struggling? What needs are not being filled? 

Now, this may seem like business 101, find a need and fill it, but you would be surprised at how few people understand that money comes as a result of the value you are creating on the planet.

So when you make this mindset shift instead of focusing on getting money, you are now focused on serving and creating value for others. You will see that it is your responsibility and yours alone. You have to learn how you can give more, serve more, and be more. You will then find the more you shift into this perspective, the more the money will start to flow in return.

I have discovered this over my career as an entrepreneur. The more I give, and the more I create value for my customers, my clients, my business partners, and investors, the direct result is, more money coming towards me

So instead of me taking, capturing, or focusing on the money, I’m actually now focused on value. Now the word value is confusing for a lot of people. And this is why I have written about it in my latest book, Visionary Boss, The Next Edge Entrepreneur

We will be going deeper into this conversation of value. I will be providing more articles and sharing more tips and secrets on how you can become the master of value creation in your life and business. This will help ensure you never have to worry about making money ever again.

Would You Like a Free Gift?

Today I want to give you a free gift. 


Because I have discovered that every business and thought leader who has value to give can package their knowledge and information and use it to help others. I have also learned that every business and thought leader can add more revenue and create more money for their business and bank account. This can be done by giving information and solving problems. And a great way to do this is by writing a book.

How Writing a Book Provides Value that Results in Making More Money

When you write a book, you immediately increase the value that your product or service is already delivering. You can help people get there faster and easier and to have the motivation and inspiration needed while they are using your service or product.

I love books. I’ve been writing books since 2006, and that’s why I want to share my $100,000 book marketing and implementation strategy with you.

When you use this approach in your business, you will find that you are able to create more value for other people, as well as for the products and services you already have.

Using Books to Create a Deeper Relationship with Your Clients and Customers

When you supplement your products and services with a book, you are now creating a deeper relationship with your clients and customers. You’re also serving more and creating more value, which as we’ve already discussed is the key to making more money. 

So now I hope you are starting to see the shift that instead of focusing on making more money, you want to focus on creating value. It comes from inside of you. And it’s an act of service. It’s an act of giving. And when you have this service mindset mentality, you ask yourself every day, “How can I raise the value? How can I contribute more? How can I serve more?” This is you contributing more and more value. You will then see that more money is flowing back to you. 

This Is Your Time

I hope this has given you some aha insights. And if you would like to continue learning about making money, creating value, and most of all, being the boss of your own life and destiny, please stay tuned by following along and subscribing. Doing so will ensure you get your free gift.

Final Thoughts…

My name is Andréa Albright, and I believe the visionaries of the world see a brighter future and have solutions to help solve the world’s problems. We are the ones who are going to save humanity.

I know that may sound pretty far out there or obscure, but I have discovered that the more a human being focuses on creating value for others, the more you and your family’s needs will be met. Not only that but, all your dreams will come true. And to think all of this started with serving others by creating value. 

What’s Next?

I would love to hear from you!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about shifting the mindset from making money to serving and creating value for others. Make sure you get your free gift, follow along, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and let’s get in this conversation together. 

Let me know…

How are you going to create more value today? 

Thank you for reading this article. And remember, this is your time—now is the best time we have ever had in the whole history of humanity—to be an entrepreneur and to create value for others. And you will find that the money you make as a result will come flooding in. You will suddenly have purpose and meaning because you know you are serving and sharing your greatest gifts.

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