PR Extraordinaire Justin Breen Uncovers the Secret to Connecting With People for Maximum Impact

Did you know that the secret to creating viral, thought-provoking stories that get people’s attention is actually quite simple?

Justin Breen, CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the International Best-Seller Epic Business, breaks it down for you. Justin believes strongly in the power of introductions and creates important relationships through those introductions. His genius lies in telling stories that get everybody’s attention.

And it all comes down to making the right investment.

Investing where? And in what? Watch this incredible interview to find out!

How To Become A Star Influencer

Want to grow your Instagram following and build a business around it?

Star Authority Quigley Goode is a social media influencer, branding expert, visual storyteller and educator who has 257K followers on Instagram, a thriving blog, and a wildly successful business. Now, she teaches aspiring influencers, experts, and entrepreneurs how to grow an audience of raving fans and build a business you love around it.

In this powerful interview, you’ll hear how Quigley found her Star Power and her “mad” advice to tap into your own for unstoppable success. Whether you want to be a top blogger, entrepreneur, expert author, or social media darling, you CAN grow an audience of fans and a thriving business.

This video shows you how to do it with passion and purpose– even if you’re just starting out!

Why You Should ALWAYS Start BIG!

First up – KATHRYN PORRITT! Kathryn is a globally recognized entrepreneur, CEO of Business Bravery, and the author of Disruptive Legacy: The Step-By-Step Luxury Branding And Business Strategy System.

Kathryn and I get real about what it means to be brave in business and life! PLUS how being unafraid to start BIG creates profound impact, large margins, and lasting authority! Kathryn’s advice, encouragement, and business acumen will transform your work and encourage you to shine brighter and bolder – even if you’re just launching!

Break Down to Break THROUGH with Emile Steenveld

Join us for an exploration of Emile’s life from in-demand model and actor to Transformational Breakthrough Coach. Emile focuses exclusively on the inner workings of the self to the mind. He guides individuals on a powerful, thought-provoking inner journey to break down inherent beliefs and old habits that sabotage growth and results.

Emile shares how his rock-bottom moment as a model in LA during the recession led to his ultimate breakthrough owning and trusting in his own star power. His mind-bending and conscious-raising mindset techniques and mindset strategies transform lives and companies across the globe. Don’t miss this exploration of the power of your own mind and watch this break down to break through with Emile Steenveld!

Turn Passion into Business and Create a WORLD CHANGING Brand

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business performance coach, writer and keynote speaker. She has been featured by Entrepreneur, Forbes and Working Mother Magazine and is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast. Amber helps visionary entrepreneurs turn their passions into business & heart-centered brands, working with thousands of women worldwide to build companies while maintaining a family-first value focus.

How to find your passion and how to make money from your passion? Find the answers by joining us as we discuss Amber’s fascinating, heroic origin story from mama to empowered, driven mompreneur, and how the joy is always found in the journey. If you are ready to use your business as the catalyst to step into your authentic passion, purpose, and star power- don’t miss this episode!

How to Raise Your Consciousness Explained by Claudia Velandia

Claudia Velandia is a Certified Conscious Leadership Coach, founder of Quantum Thinking, and author on a mission to raise your consciousness and transform your life!

Claudia shares her revolutionary approach to life and success, explains how to raise your consciousness to a higher vibration, plus the rock bottom moment that inspired her total life transformation! Join us for an incredible exploration on the power of the human mind, raise human consciousness, and the incredible success that is possible when you are living with authenticity and authority.

Spiritual Practices and Healing – Cultivating STAR POWER

Tonya Gonzalez, voted the #3 psychic in the World, is an International Amazon Bestselling Author of “The Sensuous Bruja,” a Religious Science Practitioner (RScP), and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Tonya walks us through her incredible journey from librarian to leading psychic, the struggles from questioning her true vision, discussions about self care, and how stepping into her star power led to radical success! Because of the best spiritual practices, everybody can experience a great spiritual journey.

Strengthening Your Star Power through Health & Wellness

Kelli is a self-care strategist, professional speaker, blogger, and author of the Amazon best-seller Martinis and Menopause.

Join us for this powerful, personal exploration of how to amp up your energy and make an impact on your message, brand, and life. You don’t want to miss this one!