5 Strategies to Build an Iconic Brand

When you think about some of the world’s greatest brands, they have one thing in common — a devoted base of consumers. 

When Apple releases a new product, there are people on the hook for days all over the world. 

When Malcolm Gladwell releases a new book, it’s all but guaranteed to be a New York Times bestseller. 

When Warren Buffet invests or buys a company, there’s a large group of investors that follow suit. When Jeff Bezos speaks, all of the business world pays attention. 

Today, over four and a half billion people use the Internet every day. We live in a time of unparalleled access to the opportunity to reach your ideal target consumers. 

There’s never been a better time to build an iconic brand that attracts some of those four and a half billion potential consumers. 

Iconic brands have a loyal following, and it’s not an accident how they reached that position. There are strategies they use to build their brand, and principles they continue to use despite reaching a high level of success. 

You can use these strategies to build your iconic brand. 

1. Connect More

You have responsibilities that need to be taken care of while having to maintain your business and its growth. Iconic brands are one where the customer feels that brand’s connection. 

Despite having grown a highly popular brand, Gary Vaynerchuk continues to connect with his followers on a personal level. That personal connection is what fuels his fans to tell others about Gary. 

Word of mouth marketing is still a powerful way to grow a business. You can’t connect with everyone, but you can do your best to stay in touch with your community. 

2. Don't Imitate

Modeling is NOT the same as copying. There’s a temptation to look at the leaders in your industry and try to copy what they’re doing. Consumers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. 

They can never start the buying process in their mind if they never get to know the real you. You’ll never create an iconic brand if it’s the clone of someone else’s. 

3. Give More

Consumers respect a brand that’s real. There’s no shortage of experts that make promises but don’t deliver. Established brands start with a leader who does what they say, and works hard to deliver. 

Don’t make promises just to impress potential clients, make promises that you’ll do everything to fulfill. 

4. Create Systems

A brand lives and dies by its ability to innovate. In recent years, Apple has been questioned because of a perceived lack of innovation. You can innovate and grow when you put the right systems in place. These systems can include:

  • Delegating to your employees, a virtual assistant, or consultant who knows what they’re doing.
  • Having a plan for promotions.
  • Spending time creating your marketing campaigns and making sure everyone involved understands the vision. 
  • Have regular brainstorming times. 

5. Continue To Invest

Your brand is connected to you. Your personal growth, as a business leader, can happen when you create healthy habits. 

These choices start with your health. What you eat and how active you are have an effect on your energy and confidence — two things needed in growth. 

Growth also involves your mind. Reading books, watching videos, and investing in training all help you grow as a person, which leads to growth in your brand. 

A successful brand is possible. You can create raving fans who will stick with you. It starts with embracing what makes you unique and owning it. Don’t try to copy even the most successful businesses.

Create your iconic brand through intentional action. 

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