Effective Book Marketing

Is your marketing effective? 

Are you getting enough people to your website, buying your products and services, or even coming into your business at all?

If you’re struggling to make an impact in your market, then your marketing message is to blame. 

Who Am I?

My name is Andréa Albright. I am the CEO and founder of Beverly Hills Publishing. I am a publisher, and I’m also a marketer. Now, you may be wondering why I’m so passionate about marketing. Well, just to give you a little bit of my background, I started writing books and building websites way back in 2006. I had a desire to help people. That’s when I realized if I wanted people to come to my websites, buy my books, buy my products, and to ultimately make an impact with my message, then I needed to devote myself to learning and understanding effective book marketing.

Fast Forward to Today

Today I have invested well over a million dollars in my marketing education and training through books, seminars, mentors, and very high-level consultants. I have also had the great honor of publishing the books of some of the most cutting edge thought leaders in marketing today. So trust me when I tell you that you’re going to get some gold in this article.

Why So Many Business Marketing Campaigns Fail

Before we get started, let’s talk about why so many businesses are failing when it comes to developing an effective marketing campaign. They usually try to come up with something really clever, something that sounds really cute, but what happens is it ends up missing the market. So if you are just throwing out marketing and information and are not actually tuned in to what the market is searching for, then your marketing message is just going to sound like white noise. 

You see, we are bombarded with marketing messages every single day. And if you are not reaching the market, then it just gets tuned out and turns into noise and static. Just like the thousands of marketing messages we are bombarded with every single day.

Switching Your Perspective for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

In order for your marketing message to make an impact and to truly be effective, you have to switch your perspective. I will tell you that this is the hardest thing for business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, authors, coaches, and anyone else who has a message they want to use to make an impact on the market. 

You are usually coming from your perspective. And that makes sense because you’ve invested so much time and energy into discovering your expertise and what you are the best at doing and creating in the world.

However, when it comes to marketing, that’s going to prevent you from getting an effective marketing message out into your audience. So if you only take away one thing from this article, it will be that you need to change your perspective.

Instead of looking out through your eyes and looking at what you think the market wants, you’ll want to switch it and look through their eyes and what they might want. What are they searching for? What are they looking for? What do they want? Ultimately, your ability to switch your perspective will be the key to you creating an effective marketing strategy and effective marketing message. 

Now, this may sound easy, but I believe it is the hardest thing for business owners to do. That’s why I see so many marketing messages that don’t make an impact on their market. They are coming from a business perspective. 

It’s shocking to me, how even huge businesses with billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing budgets can miss this mark so often. But when you see great marketing, it actually goes into the mind and the heart of the market without any struggle at all.

Connecting with Your Audience  Effectively

There are many other things I want to share with you about marketing, because I believe your ability to connect with your audience is the key to effectively getting your message across, sharing your vision, and ultimately making an impact with your products and your services. 

Let Me Help by Giving You a Free Gift

If you would like to continue exploring this new perspective of marketing, I encourage you to get the free gift I’ve created for you today. I call it my Seven Steps to Effective Communication in Your Marketing

You’ll be able to see the seven essential steps for making your marketing messages more effective. You see, marketing is really about connection and your ability to connect with your audience. Marketing is really about communication and your ability to effectively communicate with your audience.

So if you are finding that your marketing is not effective, then I strongly encourage you to get this free report and start taking a look at how you can change your perspective. 

Final Thoughts…

So again, my name is Andréa Albright. I am passionate about marketing, and the reason is that I know your ability to serve your market comes down to your effective marketing and the ability to communicate with your audience. 

What’s Next?

It would be my honor and pleasure to help you connect with your audience in a bigger way. Let me know how I can support you. I’m going to be publishing more articles. So just tell me what information you would like to receive from me. What you would like to learn?

I’m here to help you become the most powerful marketing communication person you can be. I’m here to help you reach your market and make an impact in the world. You can reach out to me anytime at Beverly Hills Publishing.

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