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Vijai Aanand

President and CEO of Akvarr Inc., Real Estate Mogul, Private Investor

"My Book Helps Me Bring In Deals For My Multi-Million Dollar Companies and Build My Team of Over 100 Employees"

“Publishing my book with Beverly Hills Publishing has opened many doors to grow my business. I am the CEO of three companies, and my book has helped me close multi-million dollar deals and build my team of over 100 employees.”

“90 days to publish a book. . . which is amazing! It was so gratifying to bring whatever I had to light.”

Vijai Aanand is a CEO/President of AKVAAR INC, a premier provider of IT Consulting, Engineering, Talent Solutions, Agile Project Management, and Workforce Management Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies globally. And now he can add being the author of New Immigration Secrets to that impressive list.

An immigrant himself, Vijai came to the United States with very little money. What he did have was the drive and determination to build his American dream.

The road wasn’t always easy for Vijai. He made mistakes and faced challenges along the way. After years of building a highly-respected IT business, Vijai wanted to turn his struggles into a book to help other immigrants looking to build successful lives and careers in a new country.


While Vijai had lots of ideas to share and experiences to pass on, he struggled to organize his thoughts and get them down on paper. After two years of writing every day, a 400-page manuscript, and hours of Googling “how to publish online,” Vijai finally turned to the experts and partnered with Beverly Hills Publishing to get the job done.

Within 90 days, he was a published author.

But publishing New Immigration Secrets was just one piece of the puzzle. Within the first week of publishing his book, Vijai was interviewed by Entrepreneur and Forbes, allowing him to share his expertise with an ever wider audience. Vijai was now finally seeing his vision to serve others come together.


Speak Volumes


Bigger and Better Dreams

When most writers are ready to throw in the towel, frustrated with the entire writing and publishing process, Vijai’s experience with our 90-day writing and publishing process has given him the confidence to look ahead and set his eyes on writing a second book.

“It’s not writing a book and having it in a closet somewhere that would be found 300, 400 years later. The idea is you publish it so that you can get to helping people, which is the primary purpose that most authors write their books.

It is a very fulfilling experience working with you, Andréa, getting this book out and also helping all the thousands of people who have read the book, so far!”

Vijai’s journey to becoming a published author could have ended without the world benefiting from the knowledge and experience he has to share. Our partnership has given him the means to set even bigger goals without worrying that he’ll get stuck deciphering the maze of book publishing and marketing mechanics.

Vijai still has much more light to share with his newfound Star Authority. Now he has the extended reach and the support to get it done.