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Salvatore Buscemi

CEO & co-founder of Dandrew Partners

"We Have Sold Over 3,000 Books And I Was Able To Use That Book To Raise Millions Of Dollars"…

“I’ve written books with publishers that didn’t put the time, energy, or focus into making it a success. There is no worse feeling in the world than writing a book that no one buys.”

“I chose to go with Beverly Hills Publishing™ for my third book because I wanted the fastest path to legitimacy. The book is influencing our deal flow. It’s actually a big deal when you think about it. Because when you talk about deal sourcing, a lot of people don’t source deals well. But when you write a book, people want to give you the best deals because they perceive you to be the best and the authority in your class, which is great.”

"WE Were Able To Raise Close To A Million Dollars IN ONLY FOUR DAYS”…

“We put the book together in a way where we’re able to close on deals much faster. A lot of people have a deal open for three months or more. We are closing deals in three weeks or less. We were able to get these investors because we mentioned things in the book, and they have immediately gravitated towards it. We raised an incredible amount of money for close to a million dollars in four days.”

“Andréa taught me to be able to do this; to tell them the story narrative that built the community where people had that trust to invest into these things. And that was very, very effective. The AUM (assets under management) will continue to come in.”

“Do not write a book if you’re not going to know who your media or buyers are. It’ll just break your heart. And that’s why you want to work with Andréa and her team at Beverly Hills Publishing™.  Andréa is the Brahman when it comes to publishing and digital media.”

“I used that book to raise millions of dollars in the most difficult investments that nobody wants to invest in, which are life sciences. And to me, that's just the beginning.

“That’s really the magic that Beverly Hills Publishing™ was able to identify those people to become part of our club and our society. The book has helped the growth so much. For that, I’m really, really grateful. It takes a lot to impress me being this New Yorker, but to be honest with you, we were very impressed.”

"There's Nothing That Creates Legitimacy Faster Than Writing A Book"…

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“There’s nothing that creates legitimacy faster than I’ve seen, besides on a major sports team being a hedge fund manager or publishing the book, right? That’s really what it is. And I think when you look at it that way, it puts you in a whole different class in your industry.”

“And I can tell you; my book has done wonders for gathering AUM. I mean, we have raised in the millions. For the venture stuff that we do, it is a very niche, a generic thing. We’ve been able to effortlessly raise in the millions. It worked out really well.”


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