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Paul Fiore

CEO of next edge crypto

When You Partner With Beverly Hills Publishing, Magic Can Happen...

Results In Only Two Weeks...

“You superseded my expectations. My expectation was it’d be several months. In truth, it was maybe a week or two weeks.”

Featured On Authority News Media…

“Thanks to Beverly Hills Publishing, I was a featured guest on YahooFinance explaining not just Next Edge Crypto, but just general thoughts and ideas on what’s happening in the crypto industry from either a banking aspect or regulatory aspect. So I’m thrilled to be part of that.”

"It Really Came Together When We Had Our First Conversation"...

“When you shared the philosophy of how we can make an entity, a brand around not just the individual, but the company, it kind of changed my frame of thinking and led me more down the path of let’s do this on a bigger scale.”

“I would say I was skeptical on a couple of parts. One that it could happen quickly. Two, that it wouldn’t require the amount of Herculean effort that it takes to start a company that would be on my shoulders. So those are the two areas I was most skeptical or disbelieving about.”

Most People Tend To Over-Promise And Not Deliver, You Underpromised The Capabilities ...

“90% of companies talk about getting started for years and nothing ever happens. And I guess the thing I would say about Beverly Hills publishing is most people tend to over-promise and not deliver. And the exact inverse is what I experienced. You underpromise the capabilities. The output was turned around incredibly fast and I’m very happy to be part of it.”

Do It Quickly And Professionally With The Right Partner…

“I think everyone has their expertise and their domain for their audience. And sometimes you need a spark. You need the impetus to take a fresh perspective from someone like you or someone on your team that could help manifest that audience and that idea to make something real happen. I knew in my brain; I understood what it could be, but I didn’t know how I could do it and how I could do it quickly and professionally without a partner. So for me, it’s having the courage to pick a partner and then having the intelligence to pick the right partner and then watch the magic.”


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