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Shoot for the stars


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Nicole Rodrigues

CEO of NRPR group, an award-winning PR agency

"One book became a YouTube series, a Facebook group with almost 1000 people joining in just a few months."

“Book Sales Happened Immediately! Thank you for making my book dreams come true.”

Nicole Rodrigues is a public relations & digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the author of Beverly Hills Boss.

With 20 years of professional experience in her field, Nicole dreamed of writing a book about her journey and inspiring others as they walk their own. She wanted her book to help readers connect with their true dreams, follow their own paths, and become the boss of their own destinies.


Launches a Star

However, when we met, she still hadn’t finished her book. She had written an outline and a few chapters, but couldn’t find the time to get her book off the ground.

When her company, NRPR Group, celebrated its fifth anniversary, she knew it was time to bring her book to life. That’s when she approached Beverly Hills Publishing—and together we achieved phenomenal results.

“I wanted to write my book but I just got so overwhelmed. I had NO time! But, I knew I needed to share this with the world and Beverly Hills Publishing made it magic.”

We wrote and published Nicole’s book, Beverly Hills Boss, within months. Then, we collaborated with Nicole’s PR & Digital Marketing firm, NRPR Group, to create visibility with an integrated PR strategy that encompassed YouTube, social media, podcasts, email marketing and byline articles in prestigious media outlets.

With her book, we were able to position Nicole as a Star Authority to empower women and entrepreneurs wanting to launch their own businesses. Her book took off and she quickly found success.


Speak Volumes

reaching the

Edge of Success

Today, Nicole’s star power continues to climb. Her book has its own brand that’s continually expanding, and it’s opening the doors to bigger, brighter opportunities than ever before.

“I’m now getting connected to people on YouTube and Facebook that I never would’ve thought possible. And they’re buying my book! They’re listening to the expertise coming from me. It’s a whole new world that I’m so excited about.”

By embracing this new model of book publishing, not only did Nicole see her dreams made real in just 90 days, she’s building a billion dollar brand based on her book. She already has a second book in the works!

Nicole continues to lean on marketing and PR to share her message, but the momentum she’s built as a Star Authority is taking her to new heights of success. With her star transformation, her gifts are finally being shared with the world.