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Kathryn Porritt

Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist for Luxury Brands

"My book is expanding my billion-dollar brand and skyrocketing my star authority with media outlets like Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Vogue."

“Andrea is extraordinary, amazing, innovative. If you’re on the fence with this, it’s time to jump in.”

Kathryn Porritt is a global entrepreneur, business strategist, and the author of Disruptive Legacy: The Step-By-Step Luxury Branding And Business Strategy System.

Recognized worldwide for her entrepreneurship excellence, marketing savvy and business knowledge, she has dreamed of writing a book that inspires millions of entrepreneurs to stop thinking small and go bigger, braver and brighter with their businesses.


Although she was already a published author for Viking Books/Penguin Random House, Kathryn wasn’t interested in the traditional publishing route for her second book. She wanted to keep the intellectual property and maintain control of the process, including the content creation, book release, PR & marketing.

She also didn’t have time to write another book while leading Business Bravery, her global digital marketing, business strategy and PR agency. Kathryn wanted a faster, more enjoyable experience. Excited about this new model of book publishing, we began helping her write, publish, launch and market her book in just 90 days with brilliant results.

“The traditional publishing route was fun and interesting, but when you’re running a significant business, it’s an incredible time suck. It took me about 6 months to get it all done– and I mean 7 nights a week for 3 or 4 hours of editing, writing and more. It was about 12 months before the book release and getting those media opportunities.”


a masterpiece


Although Kathryn had a clear idea of what she wanted for her new book, she was open to our process and enjoyed the collaborative partnership we built together. She loved that we carefully selected a ghostwriter who nailed her voice perfectly.

We also worked closely, as expert marketers and strategists, to find a message that resonated with her market and brought her vision to life, creating a masterpiece she was thrilled to share.

“When you’re someone like me who’s very entrepreneurial, you’ve got a very clear idea of what you want to achieve. It’s not just a book. It’s part of an overarching business strategy. And the fact that Andrea has such extraordinary entrepreneurial experience and such a high business acumen means that I’m with a peer. I don’t have to explain anything. It’s been fantastic.”

Kathryn’s book, Disruptive Legacy, was written and published within 90 days, without the stress or investment in time and energy of traditional publishing.

Then, we teamed up to create a comprehensive PR & marketing strategy, including social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, plus, email marketing, podcasts and byline articles in prestigious media outlets.


Brilliant Results


is Rising!

And that’s just the start! With a book that highlights Kathryn’s Star Authority, she’s already enjoying more visibility than ever before, including high-level speaking opportunities and features with prominent media channels, online platforms and publications.

Her audiences on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are rapidly growing, and her book is becoming a prominent part of her billion-dollar brand. That’s star power!

Although she could’ve returned to traditional publishing, she’s enjoyed how fast, easy and fun the process is with Beverly Hills Publishing. Kathryn saved 9 months of work, stress and frustration with us instead of waiting a year or more to see the fruits of her labor.

Now, with her brilliance captured in the pages of Disruptive Legacy, entrepreneurs all over the globe will shine bigger and brighter.

“If you still want control of your IP or control over the book process, but you’re open to a true team of experts, peers and thought leaders, then jump in. Andrea is extraordinary, amazing, innovative. You won’t be let down. I know it’s not going to be perfect. No one’s searching for perfection. But it’s certainly the most extraordinary process I’ve been through. And I highly recommend that anyone who’s sitting on the fence right now jump in with everything you’ve got.”