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Holly Williams

CEO and Founder at Keepmore.com

"If You Want To Start A Movement And Build A Movement Around Your Brand, Beverly Hills Publishing Is The Only Way To Go"

“Anyone can write and publish a book. Beverly Hills Publishing helped me start a movement. My book has landed me speaking opportunities at the most credible seminars and conferences in my industry, and once they get my book, they join my community. We have started a movement! And we are just getting started.”

“I published a MOVEMENT. With you, I was able to publish and I built a community around it. And so you helped me create that movement.”

Holly Williams is the CEO and founder of Keepmore.com, a real estate investor, a long-time executive in advertising and market research, and author of Hidden Investing.

Like many hard-working professionals, Holly has always tried to follow the rules for achieving financial success. But when she saw more and more of her hard-earned salary going to taxes and seeing her own parents struggle financially in their old age, Holly was determined to find a better way.

She dug in and discovered the secrets behind passive real estate investments and found financial freedom. After twenty years of building wealth, she knew she had to help others do the same.


Holly knew if she was going to make a difference, she needed more than just the ability to write her story. She needed the right team to get it done. That’s when she turned to our team at Beverly Hills Publishing.

“You’ve walked the walk. I didn’t need advice. I wanted to understand how to do it from somebody that’s done it. And that continues to do it. That’s the whole attitude that you bring to the party that it’s not a one-shot deal. Like, let me just write a book and see you, have a nice life, you know? So, I love that, because that’s how I like to work.”

Publishing Hidden Investing was just the beginning. We partnered with Holly to market her book, build her brand, and get her in front of the people who needed to hear her message. With invitations to speak at international and national conferences and local engagements, the book has opened up Holly’s sphere of influence to a much broader audience and showed her firsthand where a partnership with us could take an expert like her.


Speak Volumes


a thought leader

Holly’s star power is taking off, with more opportunities popping up to share her knowledge and experience with the world.

“We’re able to start a conversation, and I’ve gotten comments like, ‘I never would have known this,’ or ‘I wish I had read this five years ago. You would have saved me a lot of money.’

It is that it’s really impacting people and really opening their eyes to a different way to think about money, think about investing. [And] they wouldn’t know about it unless you happen to bump into it like I did, or you read a book like Hidden Investing.”

The exposure has opened up more possibilities for Holly to use her knowledge and expertise to help people beyond the real estate and Syndicated Multifamily Investing introduced in Hidden Investing. 

Today, Holly is looking ahead to working with us on her next book, confident that we’ll be there every step of the way.

While Hidden Investing has already surpassed Holly’s expectations, she’s just getting started. Her star power is pulsating brightly in the sky, highlighting opportunities for others to grow alongside her.