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Eric Lochtefeld

$300Million+ Revenue Entrepreneur

"Beverly Hills Publishing Increased Our Price By 500%"

“Beverly Hills Publishing Increased Our Revenue By 50% Up From Last Year.”

Eric Lochtefeld is a successful entrepreneur with multiple exits and generating over $300 million in revenue combined from all his enterprises. For years, he has wanted to write a book but always thought he was too busy running his companies. 

Then he met the CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Publishing, Andréa Albright, and his dreams of becoming a published author happened very quickly. 

Not only did he become a published author, but with the integrated marketing and branding strategy that was created from the beginning (before the book was ever written), Eric and his partner increased the price of their back end offer by 500%! 

They are now attracting a premium level audience who is willing to pay more and is appreciative of all the value they are creating for them. Their revenue is up by 50% in the first quarter compared to all of last year!


Launches a Star

“When my partner approached me about writing a book, I was interested, but it felt overwhelming. I was worried that it would take a lot of time away from the core business. 

Ultimately, once I met Andréa with Beverly Hills Publishing, everything changed because she holistically approached everything and said, ‘Yes, I’m going to help you write a book. I’m also going to help you raise your prices and drive more revenue.’ 

That’s a pretty big promise to hear from somebody that you’ve met for the first time.

“The increase in our prices, talking us into an upscale client, increasing our revenue, and then finally publishing the book itself” …

Still, I can say the results are in, and our book is about to drop any day now and be fully published. Our content’s going to be out there for the world to read. Still, along the way, she managed to increase our revenue by 50 percent, and we’re not even through our first quarter of annual sales. We are up 50 percent in revenue our first quarter versus all of last year. I find that to be terrific.

She also significantly increased our price point, which was met with a little bit of pessimism by me. In the end, our price for it went up five times what it was the year prior. What that’s doing for us in the coaching business is allowing us to coach fewer clients and give them more time, which I think is the goal of any coach in the personal development space, the fitness space, you name it. If you can train professional athletes at top dollar, why would you go back to $100 training at your local gym?

Beverly Hills Publishing did quite a bit for us! I would say these are the highlights – the increase in our prices, talking us into that upscale client, increasing our revenue, and then finally publishing the book itself.”


Speak Volumes

reaching the

Edge of Success

These are the kinds of results that happen when you partner with Beverly Hills Publishing for your book. We do more than just publish your book. We are your integrated marketing, branding, and business development strategists that build out your entire offer to increase revenue immediately. 

“At first I was skeptical. The reason that I would recommend Beverly Hills Publishing is they are perfect for the entrepreneurial busiest business owner that wants to be a thought leader but thinks they don’t have time.”

The book became the authority building catalyst that launched Eric and his partner onto the global stage of thought leadership. He has now been featured on Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and Billionaire Mentor magazine. 

And this is just the beginning! Check back in six months to hear Eric’s updated testimonial and success story.