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Dr. Harvey Castro

Chief Executive Officer at Trusted Health Physicians and Open Networking

"Opportunities From TV Show Producers To Be An Authority Guest On TV Came Flooding In While Scaling My 9 Figure Empire"

“As a medical doctor and entrepreneur with 8 medical facilities and over a dozen companies, I was ready to build my personal brand by publishing my book with Beverly Hills Publishing. Opportunities to be an authority guest from TV show producers like NBC came immediately! Now I’m reaching a wider audience to scale my companies and build my brand as a thought leader for business and entrepreneurship.” 

"I literally had someone say to me that he was going to start his own business after reading the book. That was just music to my ears. That's exactly what I wanted when I dreamed of what this book could do."

Dr. Harvey Castro is an ER physician, healthcare leader, entrepreneur, and author of Success Reinvention.

As a first-generation American growing up in poverty, Harvey dreamt of attaining more in his life. He started his first business at an early age. He studied hard to become an ER physician. Then he created two companies geared to improving the healthcare industry. But while Harvey has already built a life of success, he started thinking, “there’s another Harvey out there.” Harvey wanted to share his experience of struggle and perseverance. Thus the idea for his book was born.


However, the publishing world was entirely foreign for Harvey. So, he set out to find a publisher with the expertise, the experience, and vision for the future to help him turn his idea into a reality. After vetting numerous publishing companies, Harvey reached out to us.
“When I did my research. The companies that I evaluated fell all over that spectrum. Beverly Hills Publishing fell at the very top of that. I could see that there were certain key elements in your vision of the future and [the] things that you were doing differently from the rest.”

Within just a few months, we published “Success Reinvention.” And while Harvey focused on conveying his message, we created opportunities to get his vision out to more people, including video courses, speaking events, a Kindle version of his book, and publishing his book in Spanish, which was a personal accomplishment for both Harvey and his mother.

With his book (or rather books, we should say) Harvey, is in a position to be a Star Authority to inspire and equip individuals dreaming of a better life with the tools they need to get there.


Speak Volumes


Just getting started

Today, Harvey’s star power is rising with no end in sight.
“Different people have been reading the book and calling me in tears, saying, ‘Oh my gosh, I got your number via LinkedIn or this how I got ahold of you, but I just wanted to communicate that this book is making a difference.’”

When the thought of writing a book first popped into his head, Harvey could never have imagined the impact of getting his words and experiences down on paper would have on so many. But by partnering with Beverly Hills Publishing, he’s learning that his book was just the beginning of his journey. Now he’s working with us on creating an e-course to supplement the book for individuals looking to take their dreams further . . . just like he did.

Harvey is aware that he’s just getting started. With his heart and his mind focused on sharing his message (as well as the Star Authority he’s already built in just a short amount of time), he’s turning to our team at Beverly Hills Publishing team to help him share his message and transform the lives of so many more people, creating courses, online products and digital ways to further grow his message to a mass audience.