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Visionary Boss…

Here’s your invitation… into a new realm of possibility,
where your past limitations are distant horizons in the fog.

Welcome to

Your Next Edge.

Have you ever wished that a master entrepreneur would peel back the curtain and show you
the “unedited” version of how to become successful?

In this powerful new book, the culmination of my two decade roller coaster ride in business, you will discover:

See, the climb to the top is never lined in gold or
paved with fairy godmothers…

In fact, it’s usually drenched with tears of sacrifice, and more
obstacles than most will ever know…

But for the few who make it to the top, there is a clearly defined path of steps, solutions, and processes that can be followed, practiced, and adopted as your own.

If you are eager for a no holds barred look at true entrepreneurship – creating something from nothing — in the purest definition — not some washed down, over glamorized or Hollywood ending — but the real story…

With all the blood, guts, and sacrifice that it takes to make your dreams your own, so you can build a future of fortune in all possible ways…

Then you are in the right place.


“Make them forget they ever doubted you.”

Fortune has brought you here — your fortune!

No one else and nothing else can tell you what you are meant to be doing on this planet, but if you suspect that you are an entrepreneur (and by suspect I mean that nothing else has ever worked…) then you will be grateful this moment has arrived.

As an entrepreneur who has struggled with an identity that never fit into conformity or matched anyone or anything around me…

I have found solace in my vision – the vision to create, the vision to evolve my piece of the universe – the vision to make a difference with my life.

Many times my vision was the one and only comfort I had in a perilous world of loneliness, stereotypes, and misclassification.

Not that I am a victim… far from it.

This path would not be the path it has been if the obstacles hadn’t presented themselves in exactly the perfect harmony of possibility and exertion.

Adrea Albright Image

In other words, the yin yang – a duality that has sculpted the version of entrepreneur I’ve become.

“Remember why you started.
Forget what made you small.”

After accidentally discovering internet entrepreneurship at the age of 26 years young, I left behind the shackles of conformity to set out on a new unforeseen path. There was a new industry emerging called “the internet”, what has today become the bedrock of communication and human connection at the speed of digital light.

Back in 2006, some would have said that the internet was a gamble, and no one knew if it was here to stay.

This was before social media, what we have labeled in the internet marketing community as the term web 2.0 — because everything that happened before that was considered binary, the basic language of computer binary code.

I had no background in computers, no business degree and definitely no seed money. I was risking everything, maxing out my credit cards to survive for just one more month.

What kept me going?

My vision.

I saw all of this. The digital revolution that has infiltrated the modern lifestyle and our everyday social interactions was a beacon, a lighthouse calling me into the future. I didn’t see all the nuances of how or when it was going to happen. My vision was not crystal clear with so many pixels of vibrant color, but I knew we were embarking on a shift in humanity that would never turn back.

As a visionary entrepreneur, most people have seen me as a dreamer or “out there” or even a flaky airhead…

This has been a powerful disguise to slip in and out whenever I wanted to blend, never revealing the truth
of what my vision has been cumulating and cultivating for a new realization onto the planet.

Wherever you are in your stage of identifying as an entrepreneur —

Maybe you’re at the beginning questioning stage – can I do this?

Or the challenging stage — can I keep going?

Or the committed stage — there is no turning back.

Wherever you are, you have to go through.

The only way out is through.

You reach a point in your journey when you have gone too far, sacrificed too much,
and focused too long on the future vision to ever turn back.

There is no going back.

You can never go back.

And so, here is your invitation.


“Shed the layers of conformity to reveal the truth that is
awaiting your spotlight.”

I am inviting you into a new realm of possibility where the past limitations of yesterday are distant horizons in the fog.

Focus on the horizon that is pulling you forward.

This is your edge.

It is in the journey of the edge where you will discover your greatness.

It is the few who answer the call to ever venture from their conformity shackles – their comfort zone of disillusioned safety.

When you choose to venture out, away from the illusion, you find a greater vision than you could ever see from the shoreline.

You are an adventurer.

You are an explorer.

You are most alive when you are seeking the unknown.

May you always feed that impulse in you that was born to question, to create, and to reinvent every possibility by burning whatever held you in a blanket of false security.

May you find your solid in the seeking, and may you never reach your final edge.

This book is a guide for you to step into your next edge… and never look back.


Welcome to

Your Next Edge.

Have you ever wished that a master entrepreneur would peel back the curtain and show you
the “unedited” version of how to become successful?

In this powerful new book, the culmination of my two decade roller coaster ride in business, you will discover: