Book Launch Success

Wow. This has been a really big week for me. I have released my new book, Visionary Boss, and already I have interviews from Entrepreneur and Forbes, the two biggest publications for business and entrepreneurship.

I’m kind of in shock, but I wanted to write this article to share with you some of the secrets to what’s happening. 

Amazing Things Are Happening

People are reaching out to me on Facebook and email with hundreds of comments saying, “How are you doing it, Andréa? How did you get this much attention this fast? Launching your book and immediately having the two number one business publications reach out to interview you about your book. How did you make it happen?”

Who Am I?

If this is your first time reading my articles, let me introduce myself. My name is Andréa Albright. I am the CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Publishing. I’m a publisher, but I’m also an author. And I, unlike other publishers, understand the trials, tribulations, fears, and insecurities of this industry. I also understand how brave you have to be to allow yourself to be vulnerable and release your book out into the world.

Branching Out Into New Territory

The book I released this week called Visionary Boss, The Next Edge Entrepreneur is my first book on entrepreneurship. I’ve written over 25 books in health and fitness which established my brand as a thought leader in women’s health. This book is me sharing my thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship. It’s also about being a visionary and sharing your vision with the world. I have released the book and my goal, as long as I have been an entrepreneur, has been to be published in Entrepreneur and Forbes.

The Grandeur Of Reaching Your Goals And Making New Ones

So here I am the very first week and it’s like, check, check. I guess I’ve got to get some bigger goals. But first, I’m celebrating my success with you. I’m also more certain than ever that this model works.

When you are truly a visionary and thought leader, then you publish a book and share it with the world, the PR, the media, and the attention follow. This is a model that works. This is how you create it. And the secret I want to share with you in this article is something I know most authors don’t have.

That’s why over a million books are published every year. And, that’s why less than 1% of those books actually make an impact in their market. That means these authors are writing books, but no one wants to interview them. No one invites them to speak on their stage, and no one buys their book. 

So, what’s the difference? 

What is the difference between this formula for success to release a book that I discovered? And why is it that in the very first week I get interviews from the top two media organizations I have dreamed about being interviewed by since I became an entrepreneur?

What Is My Secret?

Here’s the secret. You have to be aligned with your truth. And I know this may sound, “Oh, of course I’m aligned with my truth. Oh yes, of course I know who I am.” But writing a book is only the beginning. It’s just the introduction to the conversation. This is because when Entrepreneur interviews me about my book, they want to go deeper into my thoughts, my feelings, and my unique perspective. The same goes for Forbes as well. 

In the interview, they will ask me about my book. They want to know why I wrote this book. What’s the message that’s coming through me? So, if I wasn’t aligned with my truth, if I was trying to please everyone, or if I was distracted by all the noise, chaos, and confusion that is on the planet right now, then I wouldn’t be able to tap into this congruent message that is coming through me.

It’s Not Just About Writing A Book

I am here to inspire and encourage you. I also want to prove that when you align with your truth, that message that comes through you is the most powerful force on the planet—maybe in the universe. That’s why this book is making shockwaves and capturing this level of attention and authority so quickly.

It’s because people can feel it. They know the message that starts with my book is coming through me. That’s why they want to engage me in a deeper conversation. So I’m here to celebrate with you. This has been a life-changing week for me. It is the confirmation that I am a visionary boss. I am a visionary entrepreneur. The vision that is coming through me is important. And I want to encourage you to trust your inner vision, to trust yourself, and to align with your truth, because the deeper you align with your truth, the more people will gravitate towards you. The more they will want to engage in the conversation with you, and the more powerful of an authority you will be. 

So stay true to who you are, go deeper into your truth. Don’t let people distract you or tell you what to say or what to believe. We need your thought leadership on the planet. And it starts by you aligning with the truth of who you are.

Final Thoughts…

I hope this article has been helpful and inspiring. I’m here to share all my success, as well as the ups and downs with you. I reveal everything—the trials and tribulations, the obstacles, the defeats, the failures. I’m here to share all of it with you so when we celebrate together, you have a deeper understanding of what all this really means. 

What’s Next?

Thank you for being on this journey with me. If you prefer to watch a video,  you can go to my YouTube channel and subscribe. I’ve got a free gift for you there because I’m here to support you. I want you to receive this message and take action because thought leadership is about illuminating other lives and giving others permission to be the brightest versions of themselves.

I truly hope we will continue to stay connected and thank you for celebrating with me today!

Here’s to you sharing your deepest truth.  I look forward to sending you my next article.

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