Are You a Visionary?

Any successful high-risk entrepreneur will tell you that in order to get to the top, you have to have a vision. Vision is what propels you forward and allows you to reach greatness. 

Visionaries are people who share their expanded vision. They are focused. They embrace failure. They cut through the noise. And they are able to better serve humanity through their innovations. 

So how do you know if you are a true visionary? If you’re ready to become the authority you’ve been working so hard for . . . in a way that will make a real impact, then you’re going to want to read every word of this post. 

Ready to step into the spotlight? Let’s dive in . . .

The Single Quality Every True Visionary Must Possess

A true visionary can be a thought leader, an entrepreneur, or even a CEO. But they must be imaginative. When they are, they can picture their future easily. Typically, you can easily pick out a visionary because they can imagine all the possibilities in their minds . . . and they’re able to explain them clearly to others. They love and pride themselves on being able to share their big vision with others. 

So why do visionaries enjoy sharing their vision so much? 

Because when you do it right, you can create an impact. Well-shared visions empower your audience to discover their true STAR power. Meaning your tribe will gain the critical steps they need, so they, too, can share their most meaningful work with the world with ease. They can make waves across the globe! 

Visionaries Focus on Serving Humanity 

The world needs your gifts. Even if you don’t know what they are yet, you have something unique to offer the world. Your perspective, experiences, and knowledge blended together allow you to provide a unique edge that no one has ever seen. An angle no one else can provide. And when you find that edge, you’re able to stay focused and present in serving humanity through your vision. 

Visionaries remain focused and present in every moment. No one can take them off their journey to success. When they set out to create something, they’re likely to bring it into existence. 

But because visionaries are so good at manifesting their thoughts into actions, sometimes every plan doesn’t work out. Because even visionaries aren’t immune to failure. And that’s okay . . .

Visionaries Face Adversity

Failure isn’t a stopping point for true visionaries. Instead, they embrace it. They know that failure goes hand-in-hand with success. Not succeeding the way you imagined isn’t actually a defeat. It is a learning and growing experience. 

So visionaries don’t live in fear of failure. They actually welcome it. It means they found a way that isn’t working the way they thought. Now they can move on to the next big idea. Visionaries keep an open mind and continually push the boundaries with new creations.  

A visionary is broad-minded. Because they are receptive to looking at situations from different angles, they love hearing new ideas and they aren’t afraid to try them out. They think outside of the box. And they’re willing to attempt anything that helps them reach their goals. 

However, they aren’t just open-minded. They are also clear in their expectations from the start to help them reach their big picture goals. 

Visionaries aren’t easily discouraged when little things get in the way of moving forward. Instead of focusing on the single steps to get to their goal, they focus on the big picture . . . their overarching goals. 

That attitude helps them stay focused, get things done, and keep their bigger vision alive without anything (including failure) standing in their way. 

Why it Pays to be a Visionary

You can’t just be an expert anymore . . . because most “experts” have it all wrong. They play it small without caring or even realizing it. Instead, they spend years mastering their subject, fighting their way up the knowledge ladder . . . creating a life’s work that no one reads, follows, or invests in . . .

Sadly they’re always left fighting to get business, attention, and the right invitations . . . struggling to stand out as they blend into that endless sea of “other experts.” The worst part is so many never understand why their gifts go unrecognized.

If this is you, let’s see if we can wake up your inner visionary . . .

You’ve come to the right place to lean into your next edge

When you embrace your ideas fully, you cut through the noise and embrace your best life and business. You actually begin to stand out from the crowd when you go all-in with your vision. Suddenly you’ve become the top authority in your industry while serving others through your vision. 

Here’s a question for you . . .

Do You Feel You Are You Currently Serving Humanity Through Your Vision? 

Every successful serial entrepreneur will tell you that their vision helped them get there. Choosing to listen to your inner vision is key to not only surviving but succeeding in the new economy of 2020. Regardless of the obstacles in your path, more than ever, commitment to your vision is what you need to rise to the top. 

If you’ve been spinning your wheels and are looking for the momentum to turn your intuition into existence, then this is a must-have resource. 

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