Are You A Visionary?

The world is a difficult place when you are a visionary. When you have a vision for how the world can be better, it is a source of pain and frustration. When you can’t express it, and even worse, you can’t realize it into existence.

Who Am I?

Andréa Albright…serial entrepreneur, creator, author, publisher, and visionary.”

My name is Andréa Albright. I am a serial entrepreneur. I am an author. I am the CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing. And when people look at the success I’ve created, they may think it just comes easy to me, or it was just handed to me. 

What I want to express is that what I’ve created is all from my vision—the success I have created as an entrepreneur—it all started with a vision. And when the world was telling me I was crazy and that I needed stability and security, I chose to listen to my vision. 

How Do I Know I’m A Visionary?

I know I am a visionary because I am an entrepreneur. I started my first business at 26, and back then, all I had was my vision. 

In today’s world of economic transition, we are finding that out-dated paradigms of economy and value no longer hold true. And we’ve learned that the beliefs we’ve long held are no longer supported. 

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life—A New Beginning

Quote: “Today is a new beginning. This is your opportunity to express and create your vision and share your gifts.”

Today is a new beginning. This is your opportunity to express your vision. The world needs your book and your gifts. If you are a visionary, I believe you have a responsibility to that vision. And no matter how difficult, no matter what obstacles are placed along your path, as long as you are committed to realizing that vision, you will succeed. 

Is It Really That Easy?

This may say sound over-simplified, but it is absolutely true. When you are connected to the vision you created, the vision that is coming through you, then you are able to tune out all the chaos, destruction, worry, and the fear paradigm that other human beings are attached to. 

It’s not that they’re bad people or that they are wrong. It’s just that you are choosing a different path. You are choosing to be in service of your vision. And when you have this crystal clear focus, everything else can be tuned out. 

This Is How It’s Done

Quote: “Everyone was telling me I shouldn’t compete, and that I should play a smaller game, and that I should somehow find some security or safety.” 

Using and following this philosophy is how I’ve been able to succeed as an entrepreneur in some of the most competitive industries out there. And when everyone was telling me that I shouldn’t compete, that I should play a smaller game, and that I should somehow find some security or safety, I chose to be a high-risk entrepreneur that was comforted by my vision.

Visionary Boss: The Next Edge Entrepreneur 

I wrote a book called Visionary Boss: The Next Edge Entrepreneur. I believe the visionaries of the world have the solutions to many of the problems humanity is facing. I also believe that when you have a solution and a message that is coming through you, it’s your responsibility to deliver it and to create it into existence. 

Visionary Support And How To Follow Your Vision

Quote: ” I know how hard it is to be a visionary and I’m here to support you!”

I am here to support you. I know how hard it is to be a visionary. And when you have this vision that is coming through you, if you pretend like you don’t hear it, you don’t see it or that you’re somehow not being chosen by this vision, it will only drive you crazy. There really is no other alternative except to follow your vision

You Need A Visionary Blueprint

My book is a manual. It’s a blueprint for the visionary entrepreneur who is ready to bring their vision into action. 

I am here to support you

As a visionary entrepreneur myself, I want to give you every tool and resource I’ve been able to find and make it even easier, faster, and more productive for you. This is because I know that when you are serving humanity through your vision, you are contributing to making the world a better place.

My name is Andréa Albright. I am a publisher and a visionary entrepreneur. I am also here in service for those who are ready to say yes to their vision. I hope you will follow along and request the free gifts I have for you. Doing so will help you take action and begin to turn your vision into a reality. 

Remember, the vision you have has chosen you for a reason—the world needs your gifts. And when you are a visionary, it is up to you to make sure you share them. 

Thank You!

Quote: Thank you for being a visionary!

Thank you for reading this article. Thank you for being a visionary, and thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us. I will see you next time.

What’s Next?

If you would like to learn more about turning your vision into a reality, please visit me at Beverly Hills Publishing. I would be honored to help you achieve your dreams!

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