My Story:

Bunk Bed Billionaire

It’s early morning in Rome. In two hours, I’ll be producing a video for a tour company and broadcasting to my hundreds of thousands of followers.

I check my email. There it is. The email that will change the course of my life. It’s from my husband.

Andréa, I wanted you to hear it from me first.
I’m in love with your bridesmaid.

I don’t remember the next moment. I blacked out.

The most heart-wrenching blow of my life right before I have to be on camera.

I do remember throwing myself on the bed and screaming into the pillow,

“Why God?! Why now?” Then astonishingly, a clear answer came to me instantly from somewhere beyond my pain, “Because you can.”

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The clarity of that message gave me the strength to run through the streets of Rome, being a producer and an on-camera talent on the worst day of my life. Every step alleviated my agony. We arrived at the Pantheon, the 2000-year-old temple that has stood through war and destruction when all other temples fell.

I placed my hands on her large granite Corinthian column. Suddenly, I felt how she had held the tears of infinite betrayals, heartbreak, and sadness. I saw how she would be standing for eons to come. Then I felt her ancient and sacred structure usher the pain from my heart, and transmute it into the universe.

It was a  mystical moment  I will never forget.

My journey over the next few months was agony. I learned that my husband and bridesmaid had a marriage ceremony to celebrate their love even though he and I were still married! (Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up). 

I had lost everything — my 5-story mansion in Malibu, my multi-million dollar fitness business, and hardest to bear, my trust in myself. How could I have made such wrong decisions in choosing my husband and the woman I thought was my best friend?

I was emotionally broken. I went back to Texas to be with my Mom.

I stayed in her spare bedroom and slept on a bunk bed—a far cry from my mansion.

I woke up in that bunk bed depressed and heartbroken for months before I started to ask the right questions about my divorce, which felt like the death of my entire identity.

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“What can I learn from this?”

“How can I live my deepest contribution
and purpose after this?”

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10 years before, in my twenties, I created a successful business in the health and fitness industry and became a thought leader. I created over a dozen products and books and achieved over 10 million views on YouTube, over 100,000 fans on Facebook, and a cover story with the #1 fitness magazine in the world, 
“Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.”

I was able to capture an audience in an extremely competitive market because I had a knack for marketing and publishing.

And then, in that bunk bed, I came up with the idea for my new business.

“What if I could help thought leaders who are too busy to write or don’t know book marketing? What if I helped them write and publish their book and share their message with the world?”

Beverly Hills Publishing was born.

I launched the business, and something beautiful happened…

The more I helped others to accomplish their book dreams, the more my heart healed. Without Beverly Hills Publishing, I don’t know how I would have ever gotten through the depression or even out of bed.

My deeper purpose - bringing significance to others and helping them share their greatest gifts with the world - was saving me.

A few years later, I told my Mom how her cocoon of love and support allowed me to go deeper into my purpose. And then I said to her, “Someday, I’m going to write a book called “Bunk Bed Billionaire” to tell the story of how this all began.”

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Andréa Albright is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the publishing industry.

She is not just a publisher, she is a Legacy Maker.

Andréa’s first movement took the health and fitness industry by storm.

She amassed over 10,000,000+ views on YouTube, was featured on the Women’s Health and Fitness magazine cover, and grew her health business to over 100,000 raving fans.

Since then, she has become the author of 25 books, reaching tens of millions worldwide in over 40 countries.

Now, she has taken her passion for helping authors find the same success by publishing books with meaning.

She is recognized as The Thought Leader Publisher.