5 Strategic Ways to Leverage the Power of Press and Media

Creating content that gets featured in the media can help build a large email list, bring new clients, sell more of your products and services, sell copies of your book, and increase brand awareness.

Social proof is only effective if the person you’re marketing to understands its significance. There are a lot of things people might understand but they definitely understand being featured, published, or interviewed by Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and other traditional media.

The media exposure strategy is effective because it’s duplicatable. You don’t have to be a super established expert to create content or leverage a hook that gets you accepted for a media feature. Here are some ways you can leverage press and media exposure.

1. Build Your Email List

To build a successful business, you can sell some of your knowledge. The people on your email list are the ones most likely to buy what you’re selling. 

Your fans or followers on social media belong to those social media platforms. If they decide to change things, you are left picking up the pieces if you have built your following there. 

If someone is on your email list, they will see the messages you send out more than they’ll see them on social media. Media exposure gives you access to literally millions of people and some of those people will click back and sign up for your email list. 

2. Get Your Message Out To A Wider Audience

As I mentioned in the previous point, you get exposure to millions on these platforms. If the money or opportunities aren’t your primary motivator, then getting exposure for your message is possible in a bigger way.

You can spread a message of hope to people who really need it through media outlets and opportunities.

3. Book Paid Speaking

When it comes to speaking, the money is not at the events you know and probably attend every year. There is some money in conferences in the ‘online space,’ but that’s just for the keynoters. 

Most of the money in speaking comes from events and industries you have probably never heard of. Those kinds of conferences are looking for speakers with social proof they can leverage. 

Saying you are a featured in various media outlets is a draw for their audience. Leverage any exposure you have to book speaking gigs. 

4. Get High End Clients

Getting exposure in the media is a great way to pick up high-end clients for your business. The main problem with opportunities online is the crossover in the audience.

On media outlets, you get fresh exposure each time. When you create content about certain topics, it will attract people who want to know more and do business with you.

Add this to your business. 

If you want to build a business, get exposure to build a loyal and thriving audience through the media. Don’t let self-limiting beliefs keep you from making a bigger impact. 

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